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We are the production studio and offering full cycle of media content creation: from logo to brand book, from music to song, from slogan to text, from script to film.

lenskii - drone shooting

Drone Shooting

Drones are becoming increasingly popular for aerial footage and drone film. Drone footage can be used to create stunning visuals and cinematic shots which would otherwise be impossible to capture with regular film.
Drone cameras are used by camera operators to capture footage shot from the air. Directors, cinematographers and editors arrange the footage together with that shot with regular cameras. This is especially true when filming an action scene in bright light or when capturing a wide shot of a landscape. Drones provide more freedom for camera operators to make creative shots, as they can fly above whatever they are filming and capture breathtaking images that otherwise would be impossible using regular cameras. Filming with drones requires experienced camera operators and directors who know how to get right shots without compromising safety standards.

The beginning of the last century. Pigeons are used for aerial photography. But today everything has changed.

What tasks can we solve with the help of a drone:


Staged drone filming according to the scenario and the specified parameters


Operational drone shooting for the media with text comments and additional information

Panoramas 360

Drone shooting spherical panoramas in 360º format for websites and maps


Drone flying over large areas of the earth's surface according to specified parameters for shooting high-resolution images


Creating drone footage for effective and spectacular advertising

Video filming from a drone

Drone 360 shooting

3D tour of Fort No. 11 Dönhoff

More than 50 locations, a map with navigation, point-to-point navigation and a view radar for easy orientation.

3D visualization of the future construction site

Suitable for design and construction organizations that want to post on their website or present to the public their future project, how it integrates with the infrastructure, visual demonstration.

Google, Yandex 360 shooting

Drone / quadcopter photography / film cost

Aerial panorama

USD 30
one panorama/point-transition​

Video Shooting

one minute filming

don't worry
be happy :)

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