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We are the production studio and offering full cycle of media content creation: from logo to brand book, from music to song, from slogan to text, from script to film.

Video Post Production
Interview & Broadcast
Music Production

Coming Soon

Radio & Podcasts
Mixing & Mastering
Drone Shooting
Photo & Video 360º
3D AI Scanning, NeRF

Coming Soon

Food Photo & Graphics
Copywriting and screenwriting
Custom Mac&PC

“When working on a design project, I first listen carefully as you talk about your problem and read all the reference materials I can find on the problems you face. If you’re lucky, I might happen to have personal experience of working in a situation similar to yours. A design idea pops into my head along the way, out of nowhere. I can not explain it; it’s like magic. Sometimes it happens even before you can tell me about your task! If the idea is good, I try to come up with a strategic rationale for that decision to explain it to you without relying on good taste that you may not have. I may come up with other ideas along the way, either because you made me agree to it or because I’m not sure about the first idea. In any case, I hope that in the early stages I will be able to gain your trust and by that time you will be ready to accept my recommendations. I have no idea how you’re going to test their suitability, except that in the past other people – at least the ones I’ve told you about – have followed my advice and succeeded. In other words, could you just, you know… trust me?”

Michael Bierut.

From the book, “Now You See It. And other essays on design” 


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