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Morkovka - children's creative laboratory

All people are different, so for each child we come up with a unique holiday scenario. It can be a quest, games, a master class, a performance, or maybe all at the same time. What does the birthday boy love - space, India, Alice in Wonderland or robots, or maybe Elsa and Anna or parrots?

We love to invent and create for children and together with children!

We organize:

Children's holidays, birthdays in Kaliningrad

We will come up with a holiday on any topic, decorate the room, make accessories — gifts for guests.

We make miracles with children — moving animals from cardboard, fish from paper plates, castles from rolls and boxes, beads from straws, funny collages from old magazines, paper dolls, crowns and much more.

We meet with children to chat, play games, craft, take a walk, go to the cinema or the theater.

At any big family event, be it the anniversary of the grandmother, the birthday of the head of the family, the wedding, there are many children. Most often, the children have nothing to do but eat and dance, and the event lasts a long time, the children get bored and they start to figure out how to entertain themselves ... draw on the bride's veil, try a cake that has not yet been taken out, get lost somewhere in the garden, children's fantasy No limit.

In order to direct the creative impulse in a peaceful direction, we propose to make a children's creative workshop at your holiday, where children can go and spend time with benefit. We have experience in both small family celebrations and large noisy weddings.

Морковка - детская творческая лаборатория
Морковка - детская творческая лаборатория - 2
Together with the children, we can create a common gift for the hero of the occasion, for example, a book with drawings and wishes for the birthday man, or a gift for the bride and groom. We can make fabulous costumes, unusual toys, play games, compose a fairy tale and show a play for ourselves. Or maybe just draw for fun.
On the days of city holidays and sporting events, we are also close to the children. While parents are rooting for their favorite team or going out with friends, we are very enthusiastic about making, painting, creating interesting gifts and souvenirs.
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